About founder Tara and Tara M. Events

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Tara has planned over 100 weddings and events, from intimate parties to lavish weddings to multi-day events. Tara has planned events for diverse cultures and faiths, including South Asian weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Persian and African ceremonies and has assisted with large-scale international conferences product launches and events such as the Dubai International Film Festival and Dubai World Cup. 

With over 10 years of international experience in luxury hospitality and event management, living in Europe, Dubai, India and New York, Tara has developed a unique, multi-cultural perspective on luxury weddings and events for diverse cultures. 

Having been raised in a multi-cultural family, born to an Indian mother and Dutch father, Tara was raised with both South Asian and European cultures. After completing her studies in International Hospitality Management in the Netherlands, Tara moved to New York, then Dubai to work for luxury hotel chain Jumeirah and found her passion in wedding and event planning. 

Upon her return to New York, Tara noticed a gap in the events industry in the ability for event planners to understand and deliver high end customized service and event experiences to a culturally diverse market. Tara's high end event experience and understanding of diverse cultures enables the Tara M. Events team to fill this gap by delivering unique bespoke events and 'WOW' experiences to all clients from diverse cultures and walks of life.    

Tara lives in Manhattan, New York with her husband and dog Boo.