Wedding Day of Coordinator vs. Month of Coordinator

I know a lot of soon to be brides and grooms wonder about the difference between a Day of Wedding Planner or Coordinator versus a Month of Coordinator. This article will tell you the difference between the 2 and help you decide which service is the best for your wedding. 


Up until recently wedding planners would refer to this service simply as Day of Coordination. A wedding planner or event coordinator would meet with you a week before or several days prior to your wedding and then coordinate all the wedding details and wedding schedule from behind the scenes on your big day. At Tara M. Events we refer to this service as Month of Coordination the only different is that we begin this service 1- 2 months prior to your wedding day.

Typically both these wedding services are offered to brides and grooms and couples who have selected their wedding venues and chosen their wedding vendors themselves. They have worked on the wedding design and details themselves but they hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator to manage their wedding the day of, making sure there is a smooth flow, keeping the timeline and as the direct contact for the wedding party, vendors and bride and groom.

You may be thinking “well they both do the same thing so why should I pick one service over the other”. Well, image that you have spent months perhaps even over a year planning your wedding. You have put months of thought into your wedding design and décor, your seating chart, timeline, menu, music choices, your venue, the ceremony, your wedding stationary, wedding vendors selection, setup and everything you have envisioned for your big day. It would be impossible for someone else to absorb all that information and follow up on your wedding ideas and details in just a few days. What happens when they forget an important detail or cannot correct a mistake because they were not thoroughly familiar with your wedding plans?

With Month of Coordination at New York event and wedding planner Tara M. Events, we will give ourselves as much time as your wedding requires to become deeply familiar with all your wedding ideas and vision. Based on our experience 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding has been the sweet spot timeline wise, although some weddings may require more or less preparation. Our job is to let you know things you may have missed so they can be corrected prior to your wedding without causing any unfortunate calamities.

Many potentially disastrous situations have been avoided because our brides and grooms hired us as their Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator. One couple did not get the required insurance permits for all of their vendors causing major set-up delays as the vendors were not permitted to work in the venue without these documents. Another couple did not plan for sufficient bars during cocktail hour causing long lines and wait times for their guests. One of our brides bride forgot to tell her linen company that she had changed the color of her table overlays, and yet another couple planned too many speeches and other wedding events leaving insufficient time for dancing. Luckily we were able to jump in and find solutions creating well organized weddings that our couples and guests will continue to talk about for years to come.

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Written by New York Wedding Planner Tara from Tara M. Events NYC