How to: Include People not in your Bridal Party

If you have a lot of really close friends, and a large family, you might feel overwhelmed including all of them in your bridal party and that is ok! There are plenty of other tasks and jobs for people to have to be included on your big day.

Wedding by Tara M. Events

Wedding by Tara M. Events

Everyone invited to your wedding is important to you in one way or another. You want everyone to feel included, and have the best time. But the way to include them might not necessarily be as a member of the bridal party. The wedding planning team at Tara M. Events in New York City has planned out ways to include these important members, but in a more creative way than just the bridal party.

Ask them to help out on Little Tasks There are a bunch of small tedious tasks that you did not necessarily think about when you are thinking about the grand scheme of your wedding. Who is going to put together the welcome bags? Who is going to bring the welcome bags to the hotel? Who is going to stuff all the save the dates and invitations? That’s where you bring in your team of friends who you can trust and know will get the job done.

Ask them to Greet People As people arrive to your ceremony, having special friends and family at the door to greet them is a great way to get them included. They can show people to their seats, assist them on what side they should sit on, and hand out programs. Giving someone this task allows special family members to feel welcome and included on your special day.

 Include them in the Ceremony Another way to include them is to include them specifically in the ceremony. Ask one of your cousins if she wants to walk your mother or grandmother down the aisle if you will be walking just with your father. If you and your fiancé have a favorite poem that you would like to include, or a special reading, ask someone important to you if they would want to read it.

Invite them to the Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Just because they are not in the bridal party, does not mean they cannot attend your bachelorette party. It’s okay to want to invite Rebecca to the bachelorette party because she is the life of the party, you want to make this weekend as fun as possible and you should recruit all the help you can.

Witnesses to Marriage License Although it is not the most romantic part of your evening, anyone can be a witness as long as they are over 18 years old, and they are physically watching the couple sign the document.  This is such an important task because it includes important people to be the witnesses of making your marriage and real, signed and official document.

Remember this is your special day, and people will be honored to have just been invited. But if you want to go above and beyond, invite them to help out with small yet meaningful tasks.