Tip Tuesday: Things To-Do and Not To-Do the Week Of...

Only one week until the big day that you’ve been planning for is finally here! With only a few days to go the wedding planning team at Tara M. Events in New York City wants to remind you of a few things you should be doing this week, and some things you should stray away from

Wedding by Tara M. Events

Wedding by Tara M. Events


Finalize your Guest Count

You cannot plan for everything; you never know what is going to happen. As the final week arrives you will have a better idea on final guest count. After finalizing that and realizing that a family traveling from across the country will no longer be able to make it, be sure to update that on your seating charts, and let all your vendors know that you will have less people there.

Place Final Payments

Some vendors require payment in full when you sign the contract, and others will wait until you have your official guest count. Make sure you are up to date on all your final payments and have set aside your tip money for the day of. You do not want to be scurrying around on the day of making sure a check is written to your caterer.

Pick up your Marriage License

Let’s make this thing legal! Not only are you having the best celebration but you are making things official with your partner. Make sure you check the marriage laws in your area and pick up your marriage license before the day of so you can make sure it is signed!  

Break in your Dancing Shoes

The last thing you want to worry about on your special day is uncomfortable shoes and blisters. Even if it is just walking around your house for a period of time make sure you don’t wait until the day before to break in your shoes.


The more rest you get, the better you will feel on the day of. This has been a journey of planning such a special day. Take some time to yourself, you deserve it.

Wedding by Tara M. Events

Wedding by Tara M. Events


Sweat the Small Stuff

You have been planning this day for months, you have talked everything out with your friends, family members and wedding planner. We promise you, you made the right decisions about everything and your day will be perfect. Everything will come together perfectly, do not over think it.

Get your Hair Cut or Colored

Even if you trust your hair stylist to always make the best decisions for you, this is not the week to start experimenting. Stick with what you know, and what you like. No one likes their haircut the first day, it is something you have to grow into, do not limit your time to like it.

Get Sunburnt

Not only are sunburns painful, they don’t always look great. You want to look your best on this day, and not be peeling while everyone you know is watching you. Save the sun tanning until the following week, trust me you’ll appreciate not looking like a lobster in your wedding photos.

Change your beauty routine

Just like getting your haircut, this is not the week to experiment. It is very common for your skin to have a different reaction to a new type of makeup or face wash.

Forget to eat, breathe and drink water