What Matters the Most Monday- A Wedding Planner

Many couples want to plan their own wedding in order to keep costs down and the couple does not want someone to get in the way of creating their dream wedding. But, what couples may not realize is how much goes into planning a wedding in the months prior in addition to on the day of. This post will explain to a couple on the fence about hiring a wedding planner just some of the things a wedding planner, especially at Tara Manchanda, promises to do.

Wedding by Tara M. Events

Wedding by Tara M. Events

 A wedding planners job is to make sure that everything is perfect for your special day while working within your budget. One of the most important things a planner can help with is stretching your budget in the right ways by working with the best vendors. Since this is not the first wedding we are planning, we have worked with many different vendors in New York City and the surrounding area, and can suggest many vendors that we believe would fit not only the couples budget, but also match their personalities. The last thing a bride and groom wants to add to their list of things to do is fight with their vendors because their personalities clash.

After contracting your vendors, while meeting with them a wedding planner will fight for your vision and make sure your vendors are not tweaking your ideas into something you do not want. A bride and groom may walk into a floral meeting with an exact idea of what they want at their wedding, but since the florist seemed adamant on their own ideas, it could be easy for the couple’s ideas to be pushed to the side. If a bride and groom are not sure exactly what they want, a wedding planner is able to focus on the big picture while picking and choosing matching details. A wedding planner will be there to make sure the couple’s ideas are not stepped on, and the final product is something that the couple wants.

Even if the couple has already booked their venue, vendors and feel very comfortable about their big day, hiring a wedding planner can still eliminate all your day of stress. There are many things a couple may not have thought of, from the last minute emergencies, to planning who is going to light your sparkler exit, a wedding planner is here to think of all of these things and have a creative solution to anything that gets in the way. If a bride and bridesmaids are running around setting up décor and checking in on vendors on the day of, they won’t be able to sit back and relax instead they will feel rushed trying to get ready.

 The wedding planning team at Tara M. Events makes sure to think of everything, including how long the father of the bride’s speech should be to ensure minimum time for embarrassment and maximum time for dancing. We promise to work hard and create the perfect wedding reception flow of events to ensure the best day.

Planning a wedding can be very fun, but very stressful. Many potentially disastrous situations have been avoided by hiring a wedding planner.