What To Do With Your Wedding Dress


The biggest night of your life has come and gone, and while you look back and smile about all the memories you have created, you realize many things won’t be of use to you anymore. Especially, your wedding dress. You looked stunning at your wedding, but this dress is not something you can re-wear to the next big event. Because of this, the wedding planning team at Tara M. Events wants to give you some ideas you should consider when deciding what to do with your dress.

Before you do anything with it, be sure to clean it. If you spent your night breaking it down on the dance floor, it might have started to smell. Or maybe you took your wedding photos outdoors and the bottom of your dress got dirt stains on it. Be sure to send your dress off to the cleaners so it looks good as new before you decide to do something with it.

Donate it!

There are many organizations including Brides Across America, and Make a Wish, that are always looking for preowned wedding dresses for brides who cannot afford their own dress. This is a great option to know your wedding dress is in the right hands. In addition to donating your dress, there are also great organizations that you can donate your flowers, décor and leftover food to.

Tailor it!

Even though you might not want to wear a long gown again in the future, the top of your dress might be stunning enough on its own to be tailored into a cocktail dress, or even a fun top! By tailoring it into a different article of clothing you are more likely to wear it more often, and you can think of your special day every time you put it on.

Sell it!

If you splurged on your dress, you can get some of the cost back by selling it. There are many websites including “PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com” where you can list your dress, and earn back money spent on the dress.

Preserve it and pass it down in your family!

Even though it seems far in the future, you may want to consider preserving your dress for your future daughter, daughter-in-law for their big wedding day. A future bride might want to use your special dress as their something borrowed or something old.