How To- Explain a Sangeet

Whether you’re invited as a guests, attending as a member of the bridal party or are curious about Hindu wedding traditions, a sangeet is one you should be aware of. 

For all our Indian brides and grooms planning a South Asian wedding one event of the weekend you should not forget is the Sangeet. To many couples this is an unknown event, and your non-Indian guest especially might have no idea what it means, or how to prepare for it. South Asian wedding planner Tara Manchanda has put together tips on how to explain it to everyone, including yourself.

Traditionally a sangeet took place for up to ten days before the wedding ceremony, but now it is the night before. It is a celebration of happiness and joy surrounding the couple filled with many fun aspects. In many ways a sangeet is very similar to a rehearsal dinner or a welcome party; they both take place the night before the wedding, and incorporate close friends and family to kick off the wedding weekend.

Something that makes a sangeet different than these other events is that it is known for its 5 major elements; dance performances, food, drinks, henna, and a dance floor for everyone.



Relatives along with close friends choreograph different dance routines to perform for the couple, and occasionally the bride and groom will put on surprise performances for their guests. During a sangeet the dance floor is never empty! 

There are many aspects of décor that can be fun to include in a sangeet including a bangle cart, bindi’s for all the guests or a caricaturist! These additional aspects are a great way to incorporate fun traditional elements while including all your guests.  


This event is meant to be very fun and enthusiastic, a night your guests will never forget.