How To Pick Your Wedding Colors

Colors will affect everything in your wedding. From invitations to bridesmaid dresses to floral arrangements to table cloths, you name it, your color choice is very important! But how do you pick the colors that will tie everything together? The wedding planning team at Tara M. Events in New York City has put together things you should consider, and keep in mind, when deciding your color palette.





Consider the Season

Deepening on the season there will be different colors in style that will create a pop of excitement into your wedding. If you are planning a wedding in the middle of the summer consider bright and tropical colors, in contrast to a winter wedding you might want to incorporate softy dusty blues with hints of deep green.


Personal Preference

This is your wedding, make sure this wedding represents YOU as a couple. If you hate the color pink, do not include it! Discuss with your fiancé what your favorite colors are and see how you can make them work for your wedding. While thinking about your favorite colors, also take into consideration what colors look bring out the best in you and that you love to wear.


Consider your Venue

While touring your favorite wedding venues, take a look at the colors on the walls and floors. You do not want to pick a color that will completely contrast the walls, but rather pick colors that are already a part of the venue to make it easier to make sure it matches. By choosing colors that already work with your venue you don’t have to splurge on other décor to cover up colors you did not like. In addition to this take in consideration the lighting that is provided by the venue.


Play up a Spectrum

There’s no reason for you to have just one wedding color, consider using a bunch of different colors together, or shades of a base color. Once you have picked your base color, add in a handful of accent colors that compliment your base color. Choosing some alternative colors adds dimension and variation to your environment and prevents it from being too matchy-matchy. If you can’t think of colors that would match well together consider using different shades of one color to create an ombré effect.

Don’t over think it! Wedding colors are a fun part of planning a wedding that adds another aspect of you into your special day.