Day of Emergency Bridal Kit

One thing that should not be missing on the day of is a bridal kit packed just in case of emergency. Fingers crossed that it will go untouched, but you should always hope for the best while preparing for the worst. The wedding planning team at Tara M. Events does not want you to be unprepared so we have put together a list of 15 essential items to make sure you have on hand the day of.



1.    Medicine

Advil, Benadryl, and any other medication that you take daily, make sure you have on site with you at your wedding. Headaches and allergic reactions always seem to come at the worst time, having your go to medication on hand will prevent them from ruining your day.

2.    Stain Wipes

Hopefully these go unopened, but you are preparing for the worst. If a touch of make up, or a splash of orange juice gets spilt on your dress, or your bridesmaid dress, having these stain wipes on hand eliminates the panic that comes with stains.

3.    Fashion Tape

This will ensure that everything stays in place while walking down the aisle, or while dancing the night away. Neither you nor your bridesmaids want to worry about having to pull up their dress all night long.

4.    Safety Pins

Safety pins are a girl’s best friend. They can fix anything from a broken strap to making sure bra straps are being hidden. Make sure to have a wide variety of sizes on hand to fix any fashion emergency

5.    Nail Polish in the Shade You’re Wearing

There is nothing worse than looking at a photo with chipped nail polish. All eyes, and camera lens will be on you today. Having a bottle of your nail polish color on hand can ensure that a quick chip can be easily fixed.

6.    Lint Roller

Make sure your bridesmaids and groomsmen stay furry free throughout the day

7.    Touch Up Makeup

Whether your Aunt Linda’s lipstick made a mark on your cheek, or your tears of happiness have smudged part of your make-up, if your make-up team is not on site during the duration of your wedding, it is helpful to have some extra make-up in your kit to fix any issues.

8.    Bug Spray

Especially if you are having an outdoor summer wedding, bug spray is crucial. Even if your venue has already sprayed the ground to get rid of bugs, make sure you have extra bug spray on hand. Quickly spray yourself before dancing the night away to keep the uninvited bugs away.

9.    Sunscreen

If you are spending the afternoon taking photos outside in the hot sun, sunscreen is a MUST. You do not want to end up turning into a bright red tomato during your reception.

10. Personal Hygiene Items

Just in case!

11. Band-Aids

Blisters? Paper cut? Band-Aids can help quickly solve many painful situations

12. Tissues

This is a very emotional day, happy tears will be shed, make sure you have something near by to quickly wipe them away. Even if you don’t need them, we’re sure your parents will!

13. Needle and Thread

Even the smallest of holes can cause immediate panic, maybe a a strap was broken on a dress, or maybe the grooms button fell off his tux. A small piece of thread can solve these problems very quickly eliminating all panic.

14. Deodorant

No explanation necessary- dancing the night away will probably cause you to break out in a little bit of a sweat

15. Food and Water

It is very important that the bride, groom and bridal party remembers to stay hydrated all day long. Make sure to have water bottles