Tip Tuesday: How to Deal with your Diet Restricted Guests

Whether it’s the bride and groom that have diet restrictions, or you know multiple guests that have food allergies, you are guaranteed at least one person at your wedding to have a diet restriction.  Be sure not to let this stress you out, the wedding planning team at Tara M. Events in New York City has put together five helpful tips to make this process so much easier to figure out.



1.    Label your Buffet 

An easy way to make sure there is something for all your guests to pick what they want to eat is serving buffet style. By doing this it allows you to put out labels for each food with ingredients on the bottom. Ask your caterer to mark if the dish is “gluten free” “dairy free” or even “nut free”.

2.    Leave a spot on your RSVP card

By just leaving a little line at the bottom of your RSVP card leaves room for people to make a quick note of their severe food allergy. Having this information on hand allows you to make sure you have at least one option for your guests.

3.    Talk to your Caterer

Most (if not all) caterers will understand food allergies and have an idea of substitutions you can make in order to make your meal cater to everyone’s needs. Even if you do not have an exact number of how many allergies,  they will be able to provide at a few to guarantee

4.    Put your guest in contact with your caterer

If it is your sister that you are worried about, or a guest reaches out to remind you that they have a very intense allergy put them in direct contact with the caterer. The two of them will have a better understanding of what needs to be done to prepare their meal, and there is no reason for you to add that to your to-do list.

5.    Mark them on place cards

If you are having a seated dinner with a few people with food allergies, put a symbol on their place cards, this way not only will the caterer be able to see it right in front of their face, it will make your guests more comfortable to know

At the end of the day, this is your special day and you should serve the foods that you want to eat. Your guests will be understanding and if they are unsure about what they will be able to eat, they will reach out ahead of time.