What To Do After Your Wedding

After your wedding your mind is probably running at 300 mph, thinking about your special day and how you never wanted that day to end. That is why the wedding planning team at Tara M. Events has created this list of important things to remember to do after your wedding, and how to do it!

ArtifactUprising Wedding Guest Book

ArtifactUprising Wedding Guest Book

1.     Clean and Preserve your Wedding Dress

There are many options of what to do with your wedding dress after your wedding. If you’re not sure what to do, click here for a list of suggestions. But the first thing you should be sure to do is clean it!

2.     Order Wedding Album and Share Photos

Although normally you do not print out your photos like people have done in the past, these photos are more special and deserve to be printed. Work with your photographer to decide which photos are your favorites and if you want to do single prints or put together an album of photos. Depending on the package you chose with your photographer they might be able to create an album for you. In addition to your album, be sure you share your photos with family and friends so they can remember the special night.

3.     Write your Thank You Notes

Be sure to thank your guests not only for their presents but for sharing your special day with you. If they did not mean something important to you, they would not have been invited so be sure to let them know. Write your thank you notes as soon as possible before they slip your mind.

4.     Registry Returns

There will be gifts that you received off your registry more than once, and gifts off your registry that you realized once you had them in your hands that you do not need them. Most stores take returns up to 90 days after your wedding, but be sure to get these returned as soon as possible before they slip your mind. Return the unnecessary and replace them with something more practical and useful.

5. Change your name

If you decide you wanted to change your last name, there are many things you need to change. Before you start changing anything you need to make sure you have a copy of your marriage license in order to prove your marriage! Start by changing your social security card, you won’t get a new number but just change your name. Some other things you may forget to change are your utility bills, credit cards, including reward cards at stores, your passport and your voter’s registration!s

6.     Preserve your Bouquet

There are many options when it comes to preserving your wedding bouquet, but it should be one of your first steps after your wedding if you want to keep them. Whether you choose to DIY or get them professionally preserved, the flowers make a beautiful piece of artwork to remind you of your special day.

7.     Freeze your Cake

A fun tradition to take part of is freezing the top layer of your wedding cake. Ask your caterer to make sure to save this layer so that you two can enjoy it a year later on your one year anniversary. This is a fun reminder of the special night you had together, and a reminder of how good the cake was!

8.     Review your Wedding Vendors Online

Your vendors have worked tirelessly hoping to create a perfect wedding for you. If you could not have survived the day without them be sure to let people know by reviewing them online. Many brides and grooms looking for potential vendors will read the reviews before scheduling to meet with them. If they did an extraordinary job, make sure to let people know so other couples can have as great of a wedding as you did.